CBD oil is in the news!

Everyday and everywhere I go lately, the subject of CBD oil is on everyone’s mind. Can it heal arthritis? Is it an alternative to anti-depressants? Is it the new miracle drug? Is it a drug?

Suffering with many maladies in addition to my tremors, I have watched the news carefully since my state made use of CBD oil legal. I have read reports in magazines and listened as many news stories discussed the possible benefits and uses of CBD oil. I wanted to know if this product of the marijuana plant had qualities that could, if not heal my body, at least give me some relief.

I wasn’t sure. So many conflicting comments make one wonder if it’s all hype of aging hippies, or if there is truth flying in the face of long held beliefs.

On another trip to the pharmacist for another refill of pills promising relief, my daughter noticed a huge flyer posted at the entrance of our local pharmacy. “We now have CBD Oil!”

flat lay photography of several product bottles on withered leaves
Photo by Laryssa Suaid on Pexels.com

I decided to give it a try. All the prescriptions from my doctor had done nothing for my tremors. I still shook like an old car and my arthritic knees were bringing me to tears. After consulting with the pharmacist, we learned their CBD oil was generated from a small, local farm under strict guidelines and totally organic. It took awhile, but I must say I have seen some improvement, not a cure, but an improvement. I have used it on my crippled knee caps and found the pain reduced. Others have reported similar results in spite of doctors claims that CBD oil has no research to back up such claims. Hmm…I wonder…

As conservative as my home state is, I applaud our current governor for his forward thinking approach to the uses and benefits of medical marijuana and CBD oil. I can understand the hesitant nature of elected officials when it comes to use of marijuana for medical purposes as too many people have been prescribed the plant for everything from controlling seizures to hangnails. But since CBD oil does not contain the psycho-reactive qualities of marijuana, I mistakenly believed it would be legal to use everywhere. No one is going to high on CBD oil.

That was until I heard a blurb from my local news station. “A grandmother is arrested on charges of possession of CBD oil.” I asked my daughter if I had heard right. She nodded and turned up the volume on the TV.

an elderly woman
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We watched in disbelief as the video showed a woman being taken into custody, handcuffed and placed into a police vehicle for CBD oil. And at all places…Disney World


I later learned that CBD oil is illegal in the state of Florida, however, CBD oil is sold in stores everywhere in the state. I am so confused. You can buy it but you can’t be in possession of the oil? I think Florida lawmakers need to talk seriously about their ideas about CDB.

That’s just my opinion. For right now, I have no plans on visiting Mickey Mouse.

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