Everyone needs a guardian angel and I am most fortunate that I have four. Two of them have passed on to their heavenly reward, but God has left me two that care for me in different but loving and caring ways.

angel art artistic baby
Photo by Digital Buggu on Pexels.com

If you follow my blog you will hear me speak often of my daughter, without her love I’m not sure that I would not have ended all of this. I’ve often wondered why am I still here, I can on occassion feed myself, getting food to my mouth instead of the table or floor is a major accomplishment. My daughter never gives up on me, when I get to shaking really bad she gently reaches out and holds my hand and says,”Mom its okay.” It doesn’t matter to her if we are at home or in a restaurant, if I start to cry she just hands me a tissue and acts if nothing is wrong. She says our prayers holding my hand and I can feel her hand just shaking because of me, the squeeze gets a little tighter, but I know she is saying its okay. For the past week preparing for the onslaught of Hurricane Florence has been difficult for both of us, the stores have sold out of water and the gas lines are long, but somehow my angel has equipped the home with water, food, medications and the car is filled with gas. My angel always telling me, “We are together and God has looked after us.” I guess my mind is stuck on an incident where our home was struck by lightening and we came so close to death as the bolt of lightening shot across our living room floor just inches from where we were sitting.

My other angel is a four legged five pound designer mutt. She’s little but so loud. Born on my birthday in 2010 I have a connection with her I don’t understand. She is really attached to my daughter, but the moment my shakiness and tears get really bad, she is by my side, scrambling to be picked up and climbs to my right side. She often positions herself with paws around my neck preventing me from moving and begins to clean every tear. When all the tears are gone she will sit down in my lap and just look at me. If I make an unusual noise during the night she barks until my daughter awakes and my little angel comes to my side scratching to be picked up.pippa

I don’t know why God has put me through so very much, I’m sure others wonder the same thing about themselves, polio as a child, arthritis, and now ET. I remember one day my daughter took me to lunch, I was having a very bad day walking, I encountered an elderly gentleman in the parking lot who was also having trouble walking, he reached out to my arm and said, ” Keep pushing on.” We both went our separate ways, but with my little angels I will try to keep pushing on. God Bless

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